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Fern Leaf Earrings

  • $36.00
Our Fern Leaf Earrings draw inspiration from the delicately patterned leaves of the fern. Ferns are a symbol of growth, resilience and hope for future generations. Why? Because fossils show us that ferns appeared millions of years before dinosaurs, existing over 360 million years ago! It's one of the oldest plant groups on earth and will sure to live on. NOTE ON RAW BRASS: We love raw brass because it naturally darkens and patinas over time. There is no plating or coating on these earrings, which means you can wear it with a darker antiqued look or clean it to restore the lighter color brass. We hope you'll enjoy the natural beauty and rustic charm of raw brass as it patinas over time as much as we do! * Fair trade * Handcrafted in India * Raw brass * Hypoallergenic & nickel free * Measures 2" in length