Juju Hat

  • $340.00

This juju hat was handcrafted by Bamileke women in West Cameroon. We work with a gathering of 20 Bamileke master craftwomen to present to you the best hats. Juju hats serve as images of prosperity and holiness in Bamileke culture from west and northeast Cameroon. Quills represent excellence just as delicacy. Juju hats were customarily crown worn by royal dancers during functions held by the chief. Juju hats are made from regular or colored chicken plumes sewed into a raffia bushel making an intricate hood that was sacred to the Bamileke. Numerous Bamileke customs stay flawless and have passed from one age to another as a wellspring of social character and pride. The blend of strength, excellence and astonishing elaboration characterize the illustrious services of the Bamileke epitomized in the intricate padded crowns which today aid in decorating rooms all throughout the planet offering everybody a touch of glory that was once reserved to royalty.


Handmade in Cameroon