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Rumi Global Flavors Gift Set

The Global Flavors Gift Set includes four spice blends selected for their bold flavor and versatile uses, making it the perfect gift for any adventurous home cook. They will be delighted and challenged with crafting classic dishes, experiencing emerging world cuisines, and wowing their friends with their new flavors.
Each set includes the following:
  • Ethiopian Berbere Spice Blend: encompasses the beautiful and distinctive flavor of Ethiopian and Eritrean cooking.
  • Sweet & Smoky Paella Blend: Perfect pairing for fresh seafood and long grain rice in a paella or to use as a meat rub with sumptuous flavor.
  • Kabul Piquant Chicken Blend: A fruity, zesty, citrusy, and particularly interesting for sweet dishes.
  • Persian Gulf Baharat: An excellent all-purpose Middle Eastern spice, adds a sweet and savory touch to any dish.
  • Also includes four recipe cards containing two recipes to use with each spice blend.