To-Go Utensil + Napkin Set

  • $28.00

Our partners at Ichcha created this pouch by upcycling their block printed fabric scraps - to carry your spoon & forks. It's actually flexible enough to carry cutlery for your entire family. With Covid still around, we just feel that it is just safer to carry our own utensils that we know are clean. Moreover, our oceans are being clogged by plastic and poor animals paying for the price of our disposables. This is a simple way to be mindful and minimize our footprint on this planet. The napkins are made from left over fabrics that were not large enough to make our regular sized napkins - so they will be in random pattern. This pouch can be rolled it into a burrito so it is easy to carry it. And all of the items are washable and re-usable so it's planet friendly.

  • Fabric: 100% cotton
  • Interior: has 4 narrow pockets for cutlery and 1 large for napkin
  • Exterior: has 2 large pockets approximately 9" x 5" closed
  • Includes: Bamboo spoon + fork + knife and 1 10" organic cotton napkin

Handmade in India