Yoga Bunny

  • $9.99
A delightful new board book teaches babies and toddlers 10 yoga poses inspired by woodland creatures.

Yoga Bunny invites you and your little one on a woodland yoga adventure with 10 adorable forest critters. Bunny, raccoon, owl, and deer—the gang’s all here! From Hero and Half Lotus to Cat and Cow, Yoga Bunny leads babies and toddlers through these authentic poses and more, with guidance from some of their favorite animal friends.
With the fourth yoga board book in her wildly popular series, Sarah Jane Hinder offers parents, grandparents, teachers, and daycare providers a wonderful new way to help children increase body awareness, coordination, concentration, and their ability to self-soothe. The book also introduces them to woodland animals. The left-hand page shows an illustration of a child performing a pose, with the facing page featuring an animal in the same pose, along with a playful narrative. Yoga Bunny also includes a complete yoga flow with instructions for all 10 poses.